The Don't Just Talk Be Heard Master Communicator Program

Three Steps To Change

The Master Communicator program is for people who want to have more influence and impact at work ... and in their life. It's a three-step program designed to bring real, lasting change and help both individuals and teams rise to their full potential.

One: Internalize

First, people need to anchor the core material in their mind. The combination of Don't Just Talk, Be Heard! and its online Study Guide helps students understand what needs to be done, and provides guidelines for the work to follow.

(NOTE: The Book/Study combination by itself makes an excellent Core Training program.)

Two: Personalize

Second, the core content needs to be customized through live, facilitated sessions. This gives individuals ownership and passion for the material as they discover for themselves how it applies to their own work and lives.

(Also available separately as a keynote or workshop.)

Three: Actualize

Finally, people need to engage in an on-going process of planning, feedback, and practice. This is the most critical step, and we work with individuals for as long as it takes to develop new habits. In other words, to create real, lasting change.

(Also available: Feedback/Coaching programs for teams and individuals. Ask us for more information.)

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