David Levin "On the Air"

"Dresser After Dark" with Michael Ray Dresser (15 mins)
"Outstanding Radio" commentary: "Service Hypocrisy" (3 mins)
"Outstanding Radio" commentary: "Love Your Work?" (3 mins)
"Outstanding Radio" commentary: "Don't Wing It, Work on It!" (3 mins)
"Outstanding Radio" with John G. Miller (1 hour)

Sample Interview Questions

For David Levin, author of, Don’t Just Talk, Be Heard! Closing the Gap Between What You Say and What People Hear.

  1. - What are the biggest communication mistakes people make?
  3. - Give us some examples you've seen of people saying things they really shouldn't have said.
  5. - Some of these mistakes seem pretty obvious. Don't people know better?
  7. - Does it really make a difference? Don't most people already communicate well enough?
  9. - What is the easiest thing someone could do right now to start being a better communicator?
  11. - What can you do about a bad boss?
  13. - How can you keep from BEING a bad boss?
  15. - In your book, you talk about the "Breath Mint Phenomenon." What's that all about?
  17. - If there was one thing that would make the biggest difference for someone long-term, what would that be?

To schedule an interview, contact David at: 608-637-7880